The most efficient and specific WiFi solution for hotels. 

NetOnTV helps you to improve your guests' experience, eliminating complaints about your hotel's WiFi service. It will increase your establishment's digital reputation, allowing you to offer a  guaranteed WiFi access in each and every one of the rooms in your hotel through your existing TV wiring.

How do you know if your hotel needs NetOnTV? 

Your guest's satisfaction with your current WiFi service is very low and it receives constant complaints. 

You suspect you are loosing customers because your establishment lacks what they consider a basic service.

You think that the best possible solution is  to provide an individual service for each room but you have ruled out that possibility because of  the expensive and complicated installation work. 

You are convinced of your need to improve your WiFi access service, but you don't find a solution with a reasonable price that offers you enough guarantees. 

Why does your hotel rooms need to incorporate NetOnTV?

Your customers consider that the WiFi access service is a basic one and it has to meet the standards of your accommodation offer.


Besides the common areas, the best solution is one that provides the service from inside the rooms in an individual way, as it is already being done with the TV, the phone, the minibar, etc.


You can save money in expensive and complicated works and installations, taking full advantage of your current resources.


You are missing the opportunity to obtain and process the contact data that your customers will provide you in exchange for access to your WiFi network.


If you need more information on how you can improve your guests' satisfaction by offering a guaranteed WiFi access in each and every room of your hotel through your TV wiring, contact now with one of our consultants. 


How does NetOnTV works?

NetOnTV is a system that allows the use of the hotel’s existing TV wiring to provide a WiFi connection to all the rooms in an individual way, without any works or complicated installations needed. 
NetOnTV also includes a powerful control tool that allows you to safely manage you client’s access to the net, also allowing you to establish different kinds of services (free, temporary, paid, etc.). It also allows you to integrate the high density access solutions that you already have, or are planning to install, in the common areas. 

What results and benefits can you get?

NetOnTV allows you to get rid off the complaints about your hotel’s WiFi service, also increasing your establishment’s digital reputation.


When you have NetOnTV you can keep and even increase your accommodation price offers, without the fear of loosing clients.

NetOnTV can configure a customized service for your clients, being able to even enable one use paid services that can result in new incomes for your hotel (Premium WiFi, IPTV, etc.) 

WiFi service through the existing TV wiring

NetOnTV is a system that allows you to use the existing TV wiring of your hotel to individually take a WiFi connection to every room, without any work or complicated installations.


Completely eliminate all your guest’s current complaints about the WiFi service. 


Use the existing TV wiring in your hotel to take a WiFi connection to all your rooms. 


You can keep or even increase your offer price of accommodation, without the fear of loosing customers. 


Safely manage the access of all your customers to the net by offering different service levels. 


You can configure a service tailored to your customer: Pay per use Premium, IPTV, etc.  


WiFI has become the main service customers take into account when choosing a hotel.


How can you get NetOnTV

If you want one of our technical advisers to contact you, you can send us an e-mail to

Ask for an indicative budget without compromise.